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Can Chickens Eat Apples?

Can Chickens Eat Apples? 7 Powerful Health Benefits

Apples are a sweet, delectable fruit that is grown all over the world. It is a well-liked fruit that is edible anywhere. Apples come in various varieties, each with a somewhat different flavor. I also grew apple trees in my garden a few years ago. In the park, where I also produce a variety of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, you can find my chicken buddies.

I try to keep hens away from my lovely garden since their beaks ruin everything. The chickens, however, circle and reach under this apple tree while I’m not around. After falling from the tree, apples are still lying on the ground. Additionally, hens like to use their beaks to eat apples with enjoyment.

However, a standard query among those who keep hens is, Do chickens enjoy apples, and are they safe to eat? Yes, chickens eat apples. This post will provide you with comprehensive solutions to all of your questions. As a result, if you follow the article through to the end, you will learn what you need to know.

Five Things To Consider Before Giving Apples to Chickens

Chickens are almost always interested in eating whatever they can see. They want to grab it and eat it as soon as possible. But before you provide apples to your bird friends, there is some information here that you should be aware of.

1. Can chickens eat apples? 

Chickens enjoy eating apples as much as people do since they are delicious fruit. Apples are among the fruits and vegetables that chickens consume in large quantities. Chickens get an excellent balance of nutrients when they consume this sweet fruit. The antioxidant and fiber levels in the apples are also high. Your chickens get many vitamins, protein, iron, and other nutrients. However, you should avoid giving your chickens any hazardous apple components.

2. Are apple skin and peel edible to chickens? 

Yes, it’s safe for your chickens to eat apple skin or peels. The chickens enjoy eating apple peels because their diet consists of pellets and table leftovers. Apple skin has a lot of beneficial ingredients. I also feed my bird friends apple peels. Because it contains a lot of antioxidants and fiber, your chicken will stay full all day. Eating the peels also helps your chicken’s immune system to function better. I advise you to observe your chicken’s behavior when you give them an apple for the first time. You only share your chicken’s apples if they seem interested in eating them.

3. Do chickens eat apple cores? 

Apple’s cores are neutral, but they’re hard. If your chickens consume this, they may experience digestive issues. If your chickens prefer apple cores, remove the seeds before offering them. However, I suggest you not use it for your buddies. Because your birds are toothless, your hens cannot readily digest the cores because of their hardness. As a result, avoid using apple cores for your poultry friends.

4. Chickens can eat apple flesh, right?

Chickens can indeed consume apple flesh without any problems. Apple flesh is a favorite food of chickens, who consume it happily. Because it’s soft, birds may finish it without any issues. Therefore, birds enjoyed this tender flesh with their beaks. Numerous components in apple flesh are beneficial to chicken health. This flesh helps your hens maintain their physical fitness. Give apple peels or apple flesh to your birds. Both are advantageous for your feathered friends.

5. Can I give my chicken the apple seeds?

If you’re considering offering your avian companions apple seeds, it’s not advisable, as chicken well-being remains to be determined. It contains amygdalin, which is a very toxic compound. It interferes with your chicken’s metabolism when it consumes it. Crushing or breaking up apple seeds produces cyanide. You shouldn’t be concerned if your chicken finishes a tiny number of apple seeds. A surplus of apple seeds, however, is poisonous to your chickens. The apple must, therefore, be seed-free before being served to your bird friends.

11 Nutritional Benefits of Apples When Fed to Chickens

Apples contain healthy nutrients, so when you feed them to your chickens, they will benefit nutritionally in various ways. We’ll now review the advantages this delicious fruit can offer your bird.


At a respectable level, calcium, which supports healthy bone formation, is present in apples.

Vitamin K:-

The coccidiosis-prevention benefits of vitamin K in apples.


In addition, potassium included in apples aids hens in producing eggs more effectively. The thickening of chicken shells is another effect.

Vitamin C:-

Chickens’ immune systems benefit from the vitamin C found in apples, making them a valuable source.

Vitamin B6:-

For protein metabolism, vitamin B6 is crucial.


Another advantage is that copper in apples helps lower stress.


The abundance of fiber in apples contributes to the poultry’s continued healthy digestion.

Vitamin E:-

Vitamin E facilitates hens in producing fertile eggs.

Vitamin B1:-

Vitamin B1, suitable for your chicken’s development and growth, is another nutritious nutrient.

Antioxidant polyphenols:-

These antioxidants, which support the protection of cardiac functions, are abundant in apples and are found in high concentrations.

Antioxidant pectin:-

Apples also contain a sizable amount of pectin, which shields your chickens’ internal organs.

Is Apple Consumption by Chickens Safe?

Apples are okay for chickens to consume, but some elements of this beautiful fruit harm their health. The presence of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants makes apples a valuable dietary choice for chickens. Chickens are not allowed to consume unhealthy apple components. These could be leaves, stems, or seeds. You ought to require that; You didn’t feed your chicken the poisonous apple chunks. You didn’t give your chicken an entire apple since there are deadly seeds. So, always exercise caution before serving it to your chicken friends.

Seven Health Advantages of Feeding Apples to Chickens

Apples are a healthy fruit because they contain advantageous nutrients, as mentioned. I’ll now review the benefits apples provide for your chickens and how they avoid contracting various diseases.

Aids in digestion 

Apples have a high fiber content, consisting of soluble and insoluble fiber. This fiber content aids in the digestion process of your chickens. It is also vital to keep the chickens fed throughout the day. Furthermore, fiber is necessary for blood sugar management.

Promote the health 

Apple fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory qualities. These components aid chickens’ immune systems in developing more robust defenses. Your chickens’ protection from environmental stress is another benefit of vitamin C. It promotes the health of chickens.

Control the cholesterol level

According to research, apples contain the minerals that keep chickens’ harmful cholesterol levels in check. The other word for lousy cholesterol is “density lipoprotein.” It harms the internal organs, harms the health of your hens, and contributes to obesity in your avian friends.

Prevent from obesity 

Giving apples to your chickens as a diet can lead to weight reduction. You don’t have to worry about your chickens getting fat. However, the fiber content keeps your chickens full. This assists in keeping your chickens from constant eating, which may lead to weight gain in your hens.

Aid in blood sugar 

This illness is widespread and affects both humans and poultry. The issue of blood sugar also affects chickens. It is rare, but hens can exhibit diabetes symptoms as well. High blood sugar levels are necessary for your hens. It aids in preserving the metabolic processes in chickens. They must control their blood sugar as a consequence. Apples are a fantastic food source for controlling how much insulin and glycogen your thronging pals produce.

Bowel movements 

Before giving them anything, you should confirm that your hens’ bowel movements are unrestricted. As they ingest and swallow food, they should be able to expel their waste at the same rate. Aside from protecting your hens from illnesses like constipation and assisting with their bowel movements, apples are suitable for the digestive system and, therefore, excellent for your chickens’ health.

Boost bone health

Feeding apples to your hens can fulfill their requirement for calcium, ensuring strong and sturdy bones. The variety of antioxidants found in apples helps battle conditions like inflammation and free radicals that lead to bone loss. Feeding chickens apples is admired for enhancing their bone robustness.

The Top 3 Ways of Giving Apples to Hens

Feeding apples to chickens is a relatively easy task. However, I’ll now begin to share the top 3 approaches to feeding apples to chickens. You can read the rest of the article by clicking here. 

Apple slices with peanut butter 

Put the peanut butter inside the hollowed-out apple slices. The peanut butter will take some time to harden before the apple stays cold. You can now give your feathered buddies the delectable treat because it is ready. My chickens also get to enjoy this delicious treat. I wish your feathered companions would partake in this feast as well.

Hanging apples 

Hanging apples allows people to share them with their poultry. Take some fresh apples and thoroughly wash them. Pass a thread or ribbon through the center core of the apples. You can suspend the apples so birds can easily access them. I tell you that feeding apples this way will make your chickens happy. To be clear, we separated the seeds and cores because the cores had a tiny amount of cyanide. 


You should first wash the entire apple because the skin of apples still contains many toxins and pesticides. Therefore, washing is required to remove apple peel debris. Then, cut it into pieces small enough for your chicken to consume without difficulty. You can spread it on the ground where chickens are petting themselves. With their beaks, they will accept it and happily eat it. This is the best and most straightforward way to feed apples to chickens. 

Are Apples Harmful to Chickens?

It’s important to clarify that not every part of apples harms chickens. Hens’ health can be negatively affected by cyanide in apple seeds, stems, and leaves. Therefore, avoid feeding your poultry friends these dangerous apple bits. Even though it had a limited number of seeds, if your chicken consumed those few seeds, it wasn’t harmful to them. However, eating much of it makes your chicken buddies sick and eventually kills them. Instead, as was already mentioned, chicken flesh and skins are good for them and give your flock of birds access to vital nutrients.

Frequently asked questions:- 

Are hens fond of apples? 

Hens enjoy cheerfully munching on apples because they taste luscious and crunchy. Additionally, your chicken will eat enormous quantities of apples due to their soft flesh. The apple is among the chickens’ many preferred fruits and vegetables, among many other favorites. Apples’ tender flesh is delicious to chickens. 

Do chickens eat rotten apples? 

I assure you, I did not give my chickens any rotten apples. Never give it to the other birds in your flock. You are considering that your hens will become seriously ill from eating rotten apples. Your chickens most likely won’t survive if you give them rotting apples. Therefore, always use fresh apples when you’re with your feathered buddies. 

Could chickens eat too many apples? 

Not, as an excess of anything is unhealthy. So, it would be best if you had offered your hens more apples. Your chickens’ health will suffer significantly if they consume too many apples. There are numerous intestinal issues that your chickens may experience. 

What’s the maximum number of times I can feed my hens apples?

The chickens can consume 10% apple fruit following their regular meal. As a result, it does not give your feathered companions all the necessary nutrients they require for a healthy diet. Thus, you can serve it twice every week. The group of four chickens needs one apple. Giving your chickens apple treats at this time will benefit both quantity and quality.

Can baby chicks eat apples? 

The second week of your newborn chicks’ lives is when you can share an apple with them. It’s best to provide their standard initial feed during the first week, explicitly designed for newborn chicks. It would help to remove the poisonous seeds before serving them to your chicks. You should divide the apples into bite-sized pieces for the best results when giving them to newborn chicks. Therefore, this approach performs better when you give your newborn chickens this apple fruit. 


I’ve given you all the information you want now, and I’m tired of it. I want to comprehend your worries as a poultry owner fully. Apples are a favorite fruit of hens, much like other fruits and vegetables. It would help if you never fed your chickens apple seeds, stems, or leaves, though I’ll repeat it for good measure. While your avian friends can eat the remaining pieces, they are healthy. So, to keep your chickens healthy and fit, treat them occasionally to apples.

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