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can ducks eat almonds?

Can Ducks Eat Almonds? 7 Strong Health Benefits

Almonds are the famous seeds that people most use for eating worldwide. The largest production area for these seeds is the US. The taste of almond seeds is sweet or bitter. I also consume the almonds before my breakfast in the morning.

As humans love to consume almonds, other animals or birds also fondly eat them. So, can ducks eat almonds? How many are safe to eat?

Continue reading today’s post to learn more about the almonds and ducks.

Can ducks eat almonds?

Yes, ducks can safely consume almonds. These are very beneficial for them due to the presence of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. You should always use sweet almonds in a limited amount and as an occasional treat. Bitter almonds are bad for your ducks’ health because they contain the dangerous element hydrocyanic acid, which is poisonous to humans, ducks, and other birds. However, you should also avoid using salted and flavored almonds to feed your ducks. Hence, sweetened almonds are always completely safe for ducks’ consumption.

5 Things you need to know before feeding almonds to ducks:

Before giving almonds to your duck friends, here is some information you need to know.

Can ducks consume raw almonds?

Yes, raw almonds are good for ducks to consume. However, avoid feeding the ducks salted almonds. These almonds contain sodium, and the high dose of this mineral is dangerous for your fowl birds. Raw almonds contain a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to your ducks. Thus, only feed in a moderate amount.

Can ducks consume roasted almonds?

The roasted almonds are a very healthy snack for your waterfowl. You can prepare them at home and buy them from any store. All the toxins are removed from it by the roasting process. But you will need to check that the almonds do not contain any preservatives or salt before buying them from any store or market. The roasted almonds are much more beneficial than the raw almonds for your ducks.

Can ducks consume silver almonds?

The hard shells coat the slivered almonds and sweeten the flavor of these seeds. On the other hand, the silver almonds are large and complicated for ducks to consume. Eating whole almonds can pose a choking hazard for them. So, the best option is to chop it into small pieces before serving it to your waterfowl.

Can ducks consume flaked or crushed almonds?

Yes, your ducks will undoubtedly enjoy the flaked or crushed almonds. You can also grind these seeds in the food processor and serve this treat to your duck flock. They can quickly eat the flaked almonds and enjoy this snack. Feeding the small slices of almonds to the waterfowl is the best deal. Consuming crushed almonds will also protect your ducks from the choking issue.

Can ducks consume moldy almonds?

Moldy or spoiled almonds are not safe for your backyard ducks. Even rotten or moldy food is harmful to your ducks’ health. As a result, always serve fresh and steamed almonds to your ducks for their health and development.

Do ducks like almonds?

Yes, ducks enjoy eating almonds just like they do other nuts. The best idea is to mix the almonds with the other foods to make a delicious treat for your ducks. The crushed almonds are suitable for mixing with different nuts and oats. Your ducks will love to ingest this delectable nutty treat.

7 possible nutritional health advantages to feeding almonds to ducks

There are seven potential health advantages of giving almonds to ducks. These are mentioned below with an explanation.

Almonds contain protein

Almonds are a great source of protein. The ducks for forming body tissues and cell regeneration required the proteins. It is also beneficial for the enlargement of the feathers of ducks. Furthermore, it is essential to strengthen the duck muscles and boost your waterfowl’s eye, skin, and heart health.

A vitamin-rich source

Nutrient-rich seeds almonds also contain an abundance of vitamins. The alpha-tocopherol antioxidants are also present in the vitamins, which play an essential role in boosting the immunity system of ducks. If you think of providing your duck with food that contains vitamin E, then it is the best deal because this vitamin prevents your duck from having dry neck issues.

The ducks also require vitamin D for their solid bones and shells. Hence, thanks to the almonds that consist of this beneficial vitamin.

High fiber content

The maximum fiber content in almonds helps reduce constipation in your ducks. It also aids in the strengthening of the digestive systems of birds and ducks. Additionally, they provide a super source of energy for your waterfowl.

A good source of calcium

Your ducks need calcium for their reproduction. Ducks and other birds also require calcium for egg-laying. 97% of the eggshells of ducks are made from calcium. Thus, supplement your egg-laying birds or ducks with a good amount of calcium to develop healthy eggs.

Phosphorus content

Phosphorus is essential for healthy bones and their strength. Additionally, it helps regulate the hormone balance in the ducks’ bodies.

Almond contains potassium

As ducks require a good amount of calcium as it is, they also require potassium content for the regulation of flood balance. Additionally, it also helps the cells of your ducks, such as nerve cells and muscle cells.

Almonds contain magnesium

Magnesium is vital for strong bones and blood flow in ducks’ bodies. Due to their diet’s low amount of magnesium, several diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, and headaches, have also developed in ducks.

5 Things to Consider When Feeding Almonds to Ducks

There are a few things you must keep in mind while you are feeding almonds to the ducks.

  • Because of the high concentration of cyanide in bitter almonds, they are dangerous to the health of your backyard ducks. Therefore, keep the bitter almonds away from your ducks and always feed them sweet almonds.
  • Avoid giving salted almonds to the ducks because the high sodium concentration dehydrates your duck and causes kidney issues.
  • You should also never throw almonds into the ponds where your ducks swim. Instead, you put this snack in the garden for ducks to eat.
  • Always give crushed or flaked almonds to your fowl ducks.
  • The silver almonds are also significant, and your duck cannot digest them quickly, so it is better to slice them before serving them to your ducks and protect them from choking hazards.

As a result, feeding too many almonds to the ducks is a bad idea because the high concentration causes adverse effects in the duck’s body. Thus, always provide only in moderation.

What is the safest way to feed almonds to ducks?

  1. By slicing and crushing the almonds, you provide the best and safest way of sharing this treat with ducks. If they consume the entire almond, the duck could choke. Hence, the small pieces of almonds are easy for ducks to eat.
  2. Feeding ducks roasted almonds is recommended because this process also removes some toxic cyanide from the sweet almonds.
  3. Mix the crushed almonds with other foods and oats to make the meal for your ducks healthier.

3 Side effects of feeding too many almonds to ducks

Weight gain problem

Excessive dose of almonds causes weight gain not only in humans but also in ducks. You know that obesity also causes the genesis of many diseases.

It causes kidney stones.

Oxalate compounds in almonds can be deposited in the kidneys of ducks. For this reason, it causes the production of kidney stones.

Digestive problems

The overconsumption of almonds disturbs the digestive system of ducks. Additionally, it also causes an upset stomach, as well as bloating in your waterfowl.

Final thoughts

Almonds are, therefore, the ideal food for ducks, but you should only give your waterfowl a small amount of these seeds in their diet. However, you may always give your ducks sliced or crushed almonds. This post will be beneficial for people looking for knowledge on this subject. In the comment area, enter any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


Can ducks eat soaked almonds?

Yes, ducks can eat the soaked almonds. It is better for the improvement of the digestive system of your ducks.

How many almonds can I feed my ducks?

Propose that ducks consume only one handful of almonds once a week.

How often can I give almonds to my ducks?

As a duck’s owner, I recommend only using the almonds for your ducks to consider them a treat. You can feed them these snacks only occasionally. The other foods are also necessary for the diet plan of your ducks, so only provide almonds in moderation. As a result, you can serve almonds to ducks once a week.

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