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can ducks eat pumpkin seeds?

Can Ducks Eat Pumpkin Seeds? 6 Essential Health Benefits

As a duck flock owner, I prefer to serve a diet that is proper in balance and healthy for them. These waterfowl enjoy spending most of their time in the water and eating. I mainly feed the things I also use in my kitchen. Some love to consume table scraps, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

I commonly use pumpkin in my kitchen dishes, so I often serve it to my ducklings. They are gorgeous creatures on this earth and have a sharp memory like humans. The ducks enjoy eating pumpkins. Here is one point that comes to my mind, and might also come to your mind, if you are a duck owner. The point or query is, can ducks eat pumpkin seeds? Are pumpkin seeds okay for ducks to consume?

You are very curious to know the details of this topic. So, without wasting time, we get to our main point. You only leave us once you read the whole post and gain all the helpful information!

What are the pumpkin seeds?

You obtain pumpkin seeds from the center of the pumpkin. It is also called Pepita in North America. These seeds are flat and have an oval shape. The taste of the pumpkin seeds is nutty and delicious. The outer shell of the pumpkin seeds is white, and after removing the husk, you get the inner part in a green color. People most commonly use this snack in autumn.

Can ducks eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes, as ducks can eat pumpkins, they can also love to eat pumpkin seeds. These seeds, brimming with beneficial nutrients, ensure the health of your waterfowl. The pumpkin seeds are completely safe as treats for your ducklings. But it would be best if you only served the seeds of pumpkin to the ducks in the limited amount that is good for them. However, it is not a good deal if you can feed these seeds to the ducks at once because everything you can use above and beyond the limited amount is not suitable for the ducks’ health.

The Top 6 Health Advantages of Feeding Pumpkin Seeds to Ducks

Ducks also enjoy pumpkin as a healthy autumn snack. As well as pumpkin seeds, they are also beneficial and highly nutritious snacks for your ducklings. So, here are some benefits your ducks will achieve from the pumpkin seeds.

Antioxidants in pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in healthy antioxidants. These antioxidants are vitamin E and carotenoids. This helpful vitamin is beneficial for the immune system of ducks. It protects against a few diseases, such as bronchitis and E. coli. These antioxidants are an excellent source for the reduction of inflammation in the bodies of your ducks.

They also shield your ducks from potentially dangerous free radicals. Serve the pumpkin seeds if you want to protect your duck from inflammation diseases. The pumpkin seeds have a good effect on the health of the duck flock.

Aids in preventing cancer:

Pumpkin seeds are suitable for preventing lung, stomach, and colon cancer. The pumpkin seeds are also beneficial for women with breast cancer.

It’s better for bladder and prostate health:

Some research shows that pumpkin seeds improve bladder health. They are also better for the prevention of prostate diseases in female ducks. Some studies indicate that feeding ducks pumpkin seeds can treat overactive bladder symptoms.


The beneficial nutrient zinc plays a significant role in the growth and development of your ducks.

Rich in magnesium:

Magnesium is a critical component in the performance of many chemical reactions in the ducks’ bodies. Your waterfowl need a decent amount of magnesium to perform their body functions. Pumpkin seeds provide ducks with a valuable magnesium source, which helps maintain blood pressure levels in ducks. It also plays a vital role in the strengthening and forming of bones. Several diseases also protect your duck’s heart system from this component. The magnesium keeps regulating your ducklings’ blood sugar levels.

High in fiber content:

The pumpkin seeds have an abundance of dietary fiber. This fiber content in pumpkin seeds improves the digestive health of your ducks. It is also essential to prevent diseases such as heart disease and obesity.

3 Excellent Methods for Preparing Pumpkin Seeds for Ducks

There are no problematic methods of preparing pumpkin seeds for the waterfowl, but you might be worried about that as a significant holder of ducklings. How can I prepare the pumpkin seeds for my flock of ducks? Here, I share the three best methods of preparing these seeds for ducks.

Raw pumpkin seeds:

you can cut the pumpkin, and the seeds are inside. If you remove and clean the seeds, you can serve the raw pumpkin seeds to your fowl ducks. You can also give them these seeds without rinsing them in water.

Pumpkin seeds, roasted:

Roasting is an excellent way of preparing pumpkin seeds for the ducks. Firstly, you wash the seeds in water and then spread them on the cookie sheet. Then, you can roast the pumpkin seeds for 25 to 30 minutes. After roasting pumpkin seeds, allow them to cool for a few minutes. After that, you may serve the friendly waterfowl. If you want, you can also add some other healthy seeds to the pumpkin seeds to get a more delicious taste.

Pumpkin seeds, dried:

You can also prepare the dry pumpkin seeds for your ducks and store them for a long time. You spread the seeds on a plastic plate or cookie sheet and put them down under the sunlight. You also turn or stir them after one or two hours so that they accurately dry and never leave any moisture in them.

Here’s the best way to share pumpkin seeds with ducks.

After learning about preparing pumpkin seeds for ducks, you might be interested in knowing how I can feed these seeds to my flocks.

  • You can spread or walk them in the grass when they are roaming and playing.
  • You feed them by placing pumpkin seeds on a plate or in a bowl.
  • You can also serve the waterfowl pumpkin seeds in the local pond.
  • The ducks also love to eat these seeds with the flesh of the pumpkin, so you can cut them into small pieces and then serve the rind, flesh, and seeds together to your ducklings.

How many pumpkin seeds are okay for ducks to consume?

If you have read my previous articles, you know I am against overfeeding food to the birds. So, everything that exceeds the limit is wrong for you and your ducklings. However, always use pumpkin seeds for your waterfowl in a moderate and balanced amount. As a result, you can occasionally feed 5 to 7 sources to a single duck.

What are the potential side effects of eating excessive pumpkin seeds?

If your ducks eat the pumpkin seeds in rich quantities, then they will experience several problems that I mentioned below:

  1. The abundant fiber in pumpkin seeds can lead to digestive challenges, including issues like bloating and gas for ducks.
  2. Your ducks will also experience abdominal pain if they consume a high dose of pumpkin seeds.
  3. The fatty acids in pumpkin seeds are abundant, and if the ducks consume them above a certain level, it will cause cramping and pain.
  4. The intake of a rich quantity of pumpkin seeds also causes allergic reactions in the body of your duck.
  5. Because pumpkin seeds have high-calorie content, eating many of them causes diseases like weight gain and obesity.

What to do if your duck ingests a hefty dose of pumpkin seeds?

It is not a good idea if you feed your duck many pumpkin seeds. However, if your duck accidentally consumes many of these seeds, you should seek advice from your duck’s veterinarian.


It is to warn you not to feed your ducks the pumpkin seeds that contain salt, sugar, and seasonings. These pumpkin seeds are unhealthy and not suitable for your ducks. As a result, only serve natural and homemade prepared seeds to your ducks.

Finally, some closing remarks

Can ducks eat pumpkin seeds? Yes! Ducks can eat the pumpkin seeds safely along with the flesh of the pumpkin. This way is a safe and healthy treat for your waterfowl due to its high protein and fiber content. However, please be aware that you should never feed your ducks more than the recommended amount.
After reading this article, I hope you gain all the details you want. If you have any questions, then ask us as quickly as possible. We’ll gladly listen to you!


Do pumpkin seeds act as a natural deworm for ducks?

Some studies support that pumpkin seeds are naturally dewormer for humans, goats, and ducks. However, the proof of this statement is not anywhere, especially for the ducks. However, some say that pumpkin seeds offer ducks highly beneficial antiparasitic effects. The pumpkin seeds provide energy for your chickens, allowing them to grow and thrive.

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