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can chickens eat banana peels

Can Chickens Eat Banana Peels? Adding a New Twist

I consider bananas my favorite eatables because of their rich taste and numberless nutrition benefits. I have a significant place for bananas; consuming 3 to 4 at a time doesn’t matter. I feel fledge after three bananas, even with no additional space left for a meal. Usually, I keep the flesh of it and toss peel to my loves. Ohm! Be clear here; I’m talking about my chickens.

I love to share everything with my chickens. Sometimes any treat makes them as happy as us. Treats
not only change their taste but amuse us with their excited reactions. I’m too keen on their health
and happiness.

Indeed, here we have to solve the question and confusion regarding, CAN CHICKENS EAT BANANA
Then, chickens can eat banana peels in moderation and too often. Banana is enriched with nutrient, mineral, and vitamin, and benefits so that their peel is. This treat proves helpful on summer days. Because minerals in this yellow fruit peel keep them hydrated on hot days.

What are banana peels and do chickens like to eat them?

The thick outer coat which has covered up the banana flesh is known as banana peels. This part
also full of nutrition facts.

The question should be this, will every chicken eat banana peels? Because some chicks would love to eat peels, and some will turn their faces away.

If your flocks eat peels, they are considered healthy and full of vitamins B6, B12, and minerals, and they have many other
benefits. But always treat them with caution.

Because besides benefits, like other vegetables and fruits peel, there are also some anti-nutritional
elements in banana peels. Which can lead your chickens to severe health issues.

How To Prepare Banana Peels for Chickens?

Though your flocks can eat any hard-to-soft thing and digest it as well. But some foods can make them sick, and birds must face chock gizzards.

Though Banana peels are edible for chickens, they are tough enough and can get stuck in the throat. So you have to prepare peels before serving to featherless birds.

You can boil peels until they become tender, then cut them into small chopped pieces that can easily be
swollen. By heating peels, you can reduce the anti – nutritional elements that can slow down the
chicken’s working.

If you want to serve peels along with flesh and provide chickens a fascinating treat, then chopped an entire banana into tiny pieces and fed it to your chickens and enjoy the excitement on their faces.

Another way is to hang boiled peels on the chicken’s easily reachable space. The fight between girls will entertain you the most. You can also mix the peels in a grinder in chicken feed.

Which Nutrient Benefits Are in Banana Peels?

Banana is the most liked and eaten fruit in the world by humans to animals. Bananas are a healthy
fruit with taste and benefits, so their peel is.

Banana peels are a jam pack of nutrient, mineral, vitamin, and protein facts. Believe it or not, treating
with peels is the best way to keep flocks hydrated because of its water content.

Let us examine its health benefits:


Bananas are high in potassium amount so you can say about peels. Water only cannot help to
keep flocks hydrated; potassium with the celebration of a small amount of salt makes an
essential sodium that helps to keep the birds cool.


Vitamin A is the most essential vitamin. It helps in fighting against diseases. It helps in mucous-producing glands that prevent infections from traveling to the lungs and bloodstream. It proves a guard that almost fails the virus attacks.


Vitamin b 12 helps enhance egg production .It gives life and shine to dull feathers and rough feet
of hens. Vitamin b 12 is most necessary for a laying hen. It can boost the slow metabolism of chicken.


This vitamin is immune-boosting. If you provide vitamin C mixed with chicken feed, then it will
energize your birds enough to cure illness soon.


Fruits are a great source of protein banana peels contains a numberless quantity of protein that’s
good enough for a laying hen.


Have you any idea magnesium protects the heart health of chickens? It also helps in large egg production.


Banana peels contain a handsome amount of fiber that keeps your flock’s digestive system ok. It’s
helpful in keeping your poultry flock safe from constipation.


Copper is used to nourishing broiler chicken; it decreases their cholesterol and make them healthy. Copper
saves your chickens from different health issues such as anemia.

How Often and How Many Chickens Can Be Served With Banana Peels?

As a chicken lover or breeder, you have to plenty of knowledge about their care, feed, food
quantity and cure of illness etc.

Your chicken’s 90 % health and food depends on their essential chicken diet, and the remaining 10%
area, you can treat them with any food. That’s any vegetable or its peel, any fruit or its peel.

But remember one thing treat means a limited quantity of specific food whose purpose is to change
chickens taste, provide extra fun, and numberless health benefits.

You can serve banana peels too often starting after that it. It depends on whether you give treat
flocks daily or twice a week. But do it in a limited quantity.

Serve your chickens with peels in small quantities and easily digestible form .too large amounts will lead
your flock towards horrible diarrhea. That may cause low egg rates.

The suitable suggestion is to serve with limited quantity in occasionally.

Is There Any Danger of Chickens in Eating

Wash well under cool water before treating birds with banana peels to remove pesticides. Remove chemicals that are used to save the coop from bugs and insects. It’s dangerous for chickens and causes severe health problems.

Secondly, peels are rugged enough for a bit of throat and gizzard. So prepare before serving to make peels tender enough and save chickens from stomach issues.

The third and most important thing is never exceeding the treat the quantity because banana contains a heavy amount of sugar and fiber that are not suitable for chickens in large amount. Because heavyweight can reduce egg production and invites several health problems.


So here I can confidently answer YES, chickens can eat banana peels in moderation and too often. Because treats are not basic food for Chickens. The chicken feed contains everything appropriately. There is harm to chickens. But whatever you toss to flocks may have some anti–nutrition elements for them. Although banana peels have high health benefits, there are certain drawbacks if the quantity and treatment increase. Besides everything, banana peels are a great source of water content, vitamins, protein, and nutrition. If you love your birds, put everything after their chicken feed in limited quantity.

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