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Is garlic good for chickens?

Is Garlic Good for Chickens? Unlocking the Hidden Research

We love to have chic musical sounds in our backyard to amuse us. Chickens are beneficial for us in various ways. But, there always needs to be clarity regarding their diet and health. Mostly chicken keepers seem worried; what to feed? How much feed? How safe are chickens from infections and keep them healthy?

Then worry not. Here in this article, under authentic research, we will discuss a remedy for these confusions.

Is the Question Garlic Good for Chickens?

“YES,” garlic is beneficial for chickens as a supplement. It works in several ways to keep our flocks healthy for egg production. This prebiotic vegetable braces the growth of necessary bacteria to control their appetite and gain.

How Garlic Is Beneficial for Chickens?

Garlic carries the importance of the main ingredient in the routine human diet. It is equally beneficial for humans and animals, even birds. It’s an impressive way to care for and see your backyard chicks healthy.

Chickens are good to eat any served thing; especially vegetables are their favorite treat. Garlic is one of the healthiest vegetables. It’s good for their health in various ways.

There is evidence that it can medicate the chicken’s immune system. Amalgam in garlic boosts immunity to fight against many diseases. It able a chicken to give a fighting response to a type of white blood cell when they run across a virus.

Components in garlic help to keep flocks active, reduce laziness by work in as a remedy for illness, and give the power to kill bacteria, viruses, and many other pathogens in their environment.

When birds consume garlic effectively in their diet, it will reduce pong in their waste, and the taste of eggs will remain the same. The allicin accommodated in garlic gives chicken blood a taste unpleasant for mites and parasites. It’s the natural way to save chickens.

There must be a stubborn hen that runs from diet and looks lean; garlic works to give nourishment and good health. Garlic is helpful in hens’ egg production; it enhances their laying quality with low cholesterol.


Ancient physicians used garlic to cure various diseases, and we still use it to prepare meals today. Consuming garlic lowers cancer risk and strengthens humans to fight against heart problems, so it benefits birds.

Various ways are there to feed chickens with garlic as a supplement. Chicken keepers should add garlic to their feed from a young age because older chickens may disturb eating meals mixed with garlic.

Firstly mix garlic powder in feed at the rate of 1% in hen\s diet according to their age and weight requirement. Use 1/4 teaspoon of powder per cup of meal.

A minimum quantity of garlic powder will decrease its taste’s bitterness and convey good benefits. Another way to feed with it is to mix crushed garlic in water, which will release the amino acid in garlic, which is suitable for them. One clove is enough per liter. Four cloves are for 2 gallons of water to provide proper properties: works, and the chicken’s waste stinks.

Daily, change the water because it becomes nasty quickly on hot days. Raw garlic is an excellent choice to offer chickens. The cloves will lose moisture if left out in the open air.


Besides every beneficial impact, garlic is a Full Pack of vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, and calcium. A little clove of garlic is a complete package of health benefits. It’s a great vitamin B6, selenium, and C source and carries calcium, iron, and copper.

Increasing appetite gives health to our flocks. Minerals are necessary for the hen’s body temperature; increased body temperature can lead your chicken to death.


Domestic chicks are used to tasting vegetables. These are suitable for their health except for dark-shade family vegetables. There is a miss conception that a large amount of garlic consumption will change the taste of eggs. Only one element, named thiosulfate, is unsuitable for red blood cells, and too much consumption of garlic can lead to jaundice and anemia.


In this article, I disclosed all the elements in garlic to keep flocks healthy and active for egg production. In one way, garlic keeps atmosphere pong less by reducing the stink from chicken waste. I have discussed Several benefits in this article that keep our chicken’s environment friendly by editing laziness from them. Adding garlic to feed in moderation will prevent anemia and cholera.


What is the appropriate amount of garlic to serve to chicks?

1% of their feed should mix into their diet; remember that their weight and age also matter greatly. In water, I clove for per liter is enough.


No, there is no fatal danger for chicks in the consumption of garlic. But too much quantity will lead birds to jaundice.

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