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Can Ducks Eat Walnuts? 3 Best Ways To Feeding

For thousands of years, people have consumed walnuts as part of their diets. They are members of the walnut family. Antioxidants and lipids are abundant in them. A high number of vitamins and minerals are also present in walnuts.

However, do ducks eat walnuts? Do ducks like walnuts? What are walnuts’ health advantages and drawbacks for your ducks?

Please read this blog post to the end, as I intend to cover all the topics linked to walnuts and ducks.

Do ducks eat walnuts?

As omnivorous creatures, ducks enjoy eating nuts, including walnuts. They are safe and able to enjoy walnut consumption. Walnuts contain a high concentration of nutrients and other beneficial compounds. Therefore, if you feed walnuts to your ducks, make sure to de-shell and grind them first. On the other hand, serving a whole walnut without crushing it could cause your duck to suffocate.

Can ducks like to eat walnuts?

Yes, ducks like to consume walnuts instead. It is a favorite snack among the other nuts. The ducks could be more picky as compared to the chickens. Therefore, once you give them the snack, if they are interested, they will want to eat more; if not, they won’t want to eat it again.

Is it okay to feed the ducks raw walnuts?

Yes, you can feed your waterfowl raw walnuts, but it’s crucial to deshell or chop the nuts first. Otherwise, your ducks won’t enjoy this treat. I advise giving your ducks this treat only a few times a week.

Do ducks consume toasted walnuts?

Toasted walnuts are a favorite food of the ducks, who like eating them. It’s a lovely idea to serve toasted walnuts rather than raw walnuts to the ducks. You can bake these nuts in the oven for eight to ten minutes. After tasting the walnuts, one can determine whether their color has altered. After a little cooling period, you feed the ducks the nuts. This method also gets rid of a minor amount of lectin.

Do my ducks have access to frozen walnuts?

Ducks consume the frozen walnuts. However, frozen walnuts are challenging and complex for your duck to chew. If ingested whole, they could become lodged in their throats. Because the ducks cannot chew their meal, you can crush the frozen walnuts and feed them to the playful ducks. More fabulous food takes more effort to digest than warm food does. However, we prefer to provide energy to the ducks rather than take it.

3 Best methods for feeding walnuts to ducks

There are different methods of feeding walnuts to the ducks. However, I will share some of the best ways to give these nuts to your waterfowl.

Mixed the walnuts into other foods:

You can add these delicious walnuts to other foods, such as oats, seeds, and fruits. The ducks will love eating this delectable snack. Mixing these nuts with the oats and seeds makes the meal sweeter and nutritious for the ducks. So, serving these nuts to your buddy friends in this manner is an appealing idea.

Add walnuts to the water:

The ducks love to come to any food in the water. So, you can put a little water in the bucket and add some walnuts. Your ducks quickly ingest these nuts, and water helps to reduce the choking problem in the ducks. Consequently, never serve these nuts in the swimming water of the duck because they can produce algae growth.

Make porridge with walnuts:

It is an excellent idea to make porridge with walnuts for your waterfowl. It takes about 2 minutes to prepare in the microwave oven. Then, you can mix the sliced or flaked walnuts into this porridge and stir it. The ducks will love the walnut porridge.

How frequently should I give my ducks walnuts?

You are welcome to provide these nuts for as long as you wish, but I would prefer you leave walnuts out of your ducks’ diet. If you like, you can only offer these delicious walnuts periodically, like once or twice a week.

How many walnuts can my ducks eat without getting sick?

The best technique is to combine some nuts with the oats before serving them to your flock of ducks rather than giving each duck a single crushed nut.

The 5 super health benefits of feeding walnuts to ducks

As walnuts contain fats, antioxidants, calcium, and other beneficial nutrients, let’s see what health benefits your duck can acquire from these nuts.

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants:

Walnuts are high in antioxidants, which are both healthy and beneficial. These antioxidants aid in fighting oxidative damage in the body of the duck. Additionally, it is also suitable for preventing harmful cholesterol diseases.

Prevent from heart ailments

The walnuts are very beneficial for the heart health of your ducks. They boost the heart’s functions to work correctly. In addition, it also aids in the protection of the heart against destructive diseases. The omega-3 content in walnuts helps to prevent heart risk in the bodies of your waterfowl.

It reduced inflammation

Walnuts contain polyphenol substances that reduce oxidative stress and are also beneficial in reducing inflammation in your ducks.

Lowers the risk of developing cancer:

Walnuts are the best choice to add to your duck’s feed because these nuts aid in preventing many cancer ailments in your waterfowl. Polyphenols play a crucial role in decreasing the risk of cancer in the bodies of your ducks.

‘Iron in walnuts’

A decent amount of iron is present in the walnuts, which is suitable for forming hemoglobin. It also boosts the muscles’ functions and brain functions.

What health problems might your duck experience from eating a lot of walnuts?

Many ailments may appear because of the walnut overstock. A few of the diseases described here include:

  • Ducks are obese because walnuts, which are high in cholesterol, are fed to them.
  • When given in large quantities, walnuts induce digestive issues and stomach pain in ducks.
  • There’s a chance that your duck is also experiencing diarrhea.
  • They would experience discomfort as well after consuming a large quantity of walnuts.
  • Additionally, kidney stones occur in ducks due to the increased ingestion of these walnuts.


As a result, walnuts are entirely nutritious and safe for ducks to eat. Before offering them to your raw walnut ducks, de-shell or flake them. The best choice is to roast them to eliminate any potential for illness.

Questions concerning ducks and walnuts are frequently asked.

Are walnut shells edible to ducks?

The walnuts’ tough shells are too hard for the duck to chew. They won’t ever show any interest in eating these shells, no matter how small the pieces are made to be. If you were planning to feed the shells to your ducks, they did not offer any nutritional advantages either.

Do my ducks have to eat the rotting walnuts?

Because mold contains dangerous poisons that are toxic for humans, animals, and birds alike, you should never feed moldy walnuts to your ducks or any other birds you own. The walnut skin of rotting walnuts forms dark brown spores, and it changes to that color.
Therefore, if you consider giving ducks moldy nuts, it is best to avoid making this mistake.

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