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can goats eat cedar trees?

Can Goats Eat Cedar Trees? 7 Best Health Benefits

The family of plants known as Pinaceae includes cedar trees. The tall tree has a long trunk and broad, sprawling branches around it. The goats there consume anything and everything that they can find.

You’d best know that goats enjoy munching on vegetation, including plants, trees, and their branches. But are goats able to enjoy cedar trees?

Today, we’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of goat-friendly cedar plants. To learn excellent stuff, read the content.

Can goats consume cedar trees?

As goats love to eat plants, they also love to consume cedar trees. They can safely consume all parts of the cedar tree, including bark, branches, and leaves.

It is an excellent option if you think of serving the cedar tree to your domestic goats. However, you should only feed this plant to your goats as a treat.

Best seven health advantages of feeding cedar trees to goats

Now, we talk about the health advantages of cedar trees for goats:

  • It is beneficial for the digestive health of goats. If your goat has some gastro issues, then it is better for the treatment of these illnesses.
  • It also aids in preventing constipation problems.
  • The cedar tree is best for relieving pain from arthritis and other joints of the goat body. Studies reveal that the cedar tree contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, which help to lower the inflammation in your goat’s body.
  • The cedar trees contain antimicrobial characteristics that are crucial to fighting against respiratory infections. It helps the goats take their breath quickly. If your goats suffer from respiratory problems, serve them a few leaves from a cedar tree. It is the best way to treat respiratory issues.
  • The cedar tree is also effective at keeping pesky bugs away from goats. Especially on hot days, the insects and bugs are very active. If any bug or pest bites your goat, apply the cedar oil on the surface of the goat’s body. Hence, the cedar tree is suitable for repelling pests around your goats.
  • The cedar tree contains a very effective substance, which is called cedrene. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the goat’s body cells from harmful free radicals. These dangerous free radicals in the goat’s body cause the development of health diseases and damage the cells in the goat’s body. Hence, feeding cedar to goats is the best way to prevent them from developing this type of sickness.
  • Cedar trees’ smell is delightful, so the goats love to consume this snack. If you also smell them, you will enjoy this aroma with pleasure.

Things to consider when feeding cedar trees to goats

Here are the following things mentioned that you need to watch out for before feeding the cedar tree to your goats:

  • The cedar tree is complex in the digestive systems of goats. If you want to feed this snack to your goats, always provide them with a balanced amount. If you feed a lot of cedar trees, their digestive systems become loaded. It will also cause stools and constipation problems in your goats.
  • The high consumption of cedar trees also makes them toxic for your goats. If you are still determining the serving amount of cedar for goats, seek advice from your veterinarian. They will suggest you use a considerable amount of cedar for your domestic goats.

The signs of cedar toxicity are mentioned below: –

Weakness, discomfort, Difficulties with the breathing process, tremors, constipation.

Some goats also get allergies from eating cedar trees. They will show the signs of itching and swelling. Hence, quickly call the pet veterinarian if you notice these symptoms in your goat.

How can I introduce cedar trees to the goats?

If you are the goats’ owner, then you understand that cedar trees are the best option and source of food for your goats. But do you know how to prepare this food for your goats? Here, I’ll share some ideas for designing this food for your goats so they can eat it without any digestive issues.

  • You must cut the cedar tree into small branches before giving it to the goats. So that your goats can easily consume it without swallowing the long chunks, it also helps to prevent the development of choking and gastro issues.
  • You can remove the cedar branches’ sharp edges using any gardening shears.
  • You can add some leaves to the branches of the cedar. It will make a more delicious snack for your goats.


Please do not feed the branches and leaves of cedar trees to the goats; they contain pesticides or harmful chemicals. Because this consumption causes severe health disorders, you will ensure you do not have any chemicals or pesticides before giving cedar treats to your goats.

Can goats consume cedar bark and branches?

Yes, your goat can easily consume the bark and branches of the cedar trees. They would love to finish them with other cedar tree parts.

How often would I feed the cedar tree to my goats?

You can only serve it as an occasional treat in a limited amount. As you well know, excess of anything is terrible not only for pets but also for humans. If your goats can consume a hefty dose of this cedar tree, they will suffer from malnutrition and other liver diseases.

Final Thoughts

The cedar trees are the best source of munching for goats. It is a perfectly safe snack for them. However, in large amounts, it will be toxic for your goats. So, only feed this snack in blanched and limited quantities, which is okay for your domestic goats.


Do cedar trees cause bloating in goats?

If your goat feeds a high quantity of cedar trees, they will probably suffer from bloating issues and upset tummy problems.

Can baby goats safely consume cedar trees?

Yes, baby goats can consume cedar trees, but only in moderation. Their digestive systems are not very strong like those of other young goats. So, it is suggested that only a small amount of cedar tree is enough for baby goats.

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