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Cracked Corn Vs Whole Corn for Goats

Cracked Corn Vs Whole Corn for Goats: 3 Powerful Facts

If you own goats, you’re probably aware that most of them enjoy eating grains. There are various types of grains that goats prefer to eat. However, I will discover the unique facts about two kinds of grains in this blog post. Cracked corn vs whole corn for goats!

We will know about the difference between cracked corn and whole corn. Both of these are common types of grains that are eaten by animals and birds all over the world. The goats eat both cracked and whole corn.

But now we will explore which of them is best for feeding goats. Keep reading until you know the differences between cracked corn and whole corn for your goats. So, let’s dive into the topic and explore all the helpful information.

Difference Between Whole corn and Cracked corn

The whole corn is simply corn that has not been ground further. This entire corn is readily available at any market or store. People also used corn flour in their kitchens. The corn, on the other hand, is well-known for being fed to animals and birds. Their outer shell, the hull, is still attached to them. That is why this corn is labeled “whole corn.”

On the other hand, the cracked corn comes from grinding the whole corn. The dried kernels of corn are crushed into small slices and pieces, known as cracked corn. These grains are specially prepared for birds and animals so that they can digest them easily. You can get it at the market or any other store and easily prepare it at home.

Cracked Corn Vs Whole Corn Nutritional Values

When compared to cracked corn, whole corn contains more essential nutrients. The protein content is also shallow in the cracked corn compared to the entire corn. Whole corn has a lot of carbohydrates, starch, and calcium. Hence, it is neither very pretty nor a nutritious food source for goats. The goats also need other essential nutrients and a high protein content. Thus, whole grain is the best choice for goats regarding nutritional content.

Cracked Corn Vs. Whole Corn: Which Is More Accessible for Goat Digestion?

The whole corn is in a complex form that goats find challenging to chew. The goats also find it difficult to digest whole grains. Hence, this is also bad for the teeth of the goats.

On the other hand, the cracked corn is in small pieces and easy for goats to consume. It is also specially prepared for the feeding purposes of the animals and birds. They can digest it easily without any health issues. However, it would be best to feed them these treats in moderation.

As a result, if you believe cracked corn is more accessible for goat digestion, that is the best choice for serving the grains.

One goat owner says they supply their goats with whole corn but do not eat the entire serving amount. They ate a little bit of these corns and left the remaining portion.

But after a few days, he says he puts the small amount of cracked corn in front of their goats, and they eat the whole snack without difficulty.

Another pet owner told me that goats have difficulty eating whole corn because of their complex shape. The high intake of entire corn also causes bloating and other adverse effects in the goats.


Both corns are safe for feeding the goats in low concentrations. But I suggest you provide cracked corn to your goats because they can digest this snack properly without experiencing any negative health impact.

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